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Group Dynamics
Creating Brilliance Together | Zhongjian Hongtai Honored as a Strategic Partner of Hikvision Guangxi Region

     On April 7, Zhongjian Hongtai and Hikvision held the awarding ceremony of "Guangxi Regional Strategic Partner (2024)" at the headquarters of Zhongjian Hongtai. Yuan Haitao, President of Hikvision Guangxi Business Center, Chairman Xia of Zhongjian Hongtai and relevant personnel from both parties attended the awarding ceremony.At the awarding ceremony, the two sides conducted pragmatic and in-depth exchanges on the field of digitalization, hoping to integrate their respective resources, achieve complementary advantages, actively expand the field of cooperation, continuously innovate cooperation methods, and enrich and deepen the content of cooperation through comprehensive strategic cooperation. Yuan Haitao, President of Hikvision Guangxi Business Center, said that Hikvision will be committed to serving thousands of industries with IoT sensing, artificial intelligence, and big data technologies, leading the new future of intelligent IoT, and helping people and things better connect with comprehensive perception technology to build the foundation of an intelligent world. It is hoped that the two sides will further strengthen and consolidate win-win achievements on the road of digital construction and jointly create a new pattern of digital economy development.Chairman Xia of Zhongjian Hongtai said that as a strategic partner of Hikvision, Zhongjian Hongtai has made certain achievements in the digital economy industry in recent years, and will continue to give full play to its own experience advantages and technology accumulation, join hands with Hikvision, participate in digital construction more extensively and deeply, and strive to realize the beautiful vision of "empowering all industries".


Starting from Reality, Refuse to Talk on Paper : Build a Professional Team for Cost and Improve the Quality of Project Support Services

     The plan of the year lies in the spring, and the sail is sailing forward. The series of activities of “walking into the business site”of the professional management department continues.    Recently, in order to improve the quality of support services, the cost team of China Construction Hongtai Recruitment and Procurement Center has gone deep into the front line, and has successively conducted a detailed on-site investigation of the intelligent project of Guangxi Sports College, the distributed photovoltaic project of Nanning Youth Equestrian Education Base, and the project of the National Education Examination Proposition Base of Guangxi Examination Institute, and reviewed the budget implementation of the construction project.    At the project site, the cost personnel checked the specifications and quality of the construction materials in detail, checked whether the actual materials used were reasonable, and whether the progress of the construction project was in line with the predetermined plan. At the same time, the cost team also inspected the safety management of the construction site, focusing on the safety facilities, operating procedures, and insurance registration of construction personnel at the construction site to ensure that the safety measures were effectively implemented. Through on-site investigation, not only can problems be found and corrected in time, but also the professional level of the cost team and the scientificity, accuracy and rationality of the project cost are improved.


Zhongjian Hongtai Was Invited to Attend the Naurus Festival in Turkmenistan and the “Mahtumkuri Smart Treasure Year” Reception

Zhongjian Hongtai was invited to attend the reception of the Naurus Festival in Turkmenistan and the "Year of the Wisdom of Makhtumkuli".    On March 20, the Embassy of Turkmenistan in China held a grand reception at the Beijing Marriott Hotel HNA Building, "Makhtumcuri Firag Wisdom Treasure Year", Chairman Xia of Zhongjian Hongtai was invited to attend, and more than 240 ambassadors, diplomats and guests from more than 30 countries, senior officials of the Chinese government, representatives of international, regional and non-governmental organizations such as industry associations, as well as public and private enterprises and entrepreneurs, Turkmen and Chinese youth.


Industry Dynamics
Xi Jinping:Vigorously Promote the High-quality Development of New Energy in China and Make Greater Contributions to Jointly Building a Clean and Beautiful World

      On the afternoon of February 29th, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held its 12th collective study on new energy technology and China's energy security.General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee Xi Jinping held the 12th collective study on new energy technology and China's energy security. Actively developing clean energy and promoting green and low-carbon transformation of the economy and society has become a universal consensus in the international community to address global climate change. We should follow the trend and take advantage of it, and make greater efforts to promote the high-quality development of new energy in China, provide safe and reliable energy security for Chinese path to modernization, and make greater contributions to building a clean and beautiful world together.     Professor Liu Jizhen, academician of the CAE Member and director of the National Key Laboratory of New Energy Power System, explained this problem and put forward work suggestions. Comrades from the Central Political Bureau carefully listened to the explanation and had discussions.   After listening to explanations and discussions, Xi delivered an important speech.He pointed out that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has accelerated the construction of a new energy system, continuously strengthened the foundation of energy security, and provided strong support for economic and social development. At the same time, it should also be noted that China's energy development still faces a series of challenges such as huge demand pressure, many supply constraints, and the arduous task of green and low-carbon transformation. The way out to address these challenges is to vigorously develop new energy.     Xi pointed out that it is necessary to coordinate the development of new energy and national energy security, adhere to planning first, strengthen top-level design, do a good job of overall planning, pay attention to the relationship between new energy and traditional energy, global and local, government and market, energy development and conservation and utilization, and promote the high-quality development of new energy.     Xi stressed that it is necessary to aim at the frontier of the world's energy science and technology, focus on key areas and major needs of energy, reasonably choose technical routes, give full play to the advantages of the new national system, strengthen the joint research of key core technologies, strengthen the transformation and application of scientific research achievements, cultivate energy technology and its related industries into a new growth point that drives China's industrial upgrading, and promote the development of new quality productivity.    Xi pointed out that it is necessary to meet the needs of energy transformation, further build a new energy infrastructure network, promote the intelligent transformation of power grid infrastructure and the construction of smart microgrids, and improve the power grid's ability to accept, allocate and regulate clean energy.Accelerate the construction of a charging infrastructure network system to support the rapid development of new energy vehicles     Xi pointed out that after continuous research and accumulation, China has become a global leader in multiple new energy technologies and equipment manufacturing, and has built the world's largest clean power supply system. New energy vehicles, lithium batteries, and photovoltaic products have also formed strong competitiveness in the international market. The development of new energy has laid a solid foundation, and China has become an important driving force for the transformation of global energy development and the response to climate change.Accelerate the construction of a charging infrastructure network system to support the rapid development of new energy vehicles.      Xi stressed the need to deepen international cooperation in new energy science and technology innovationOrderly promote cooperation in the new energy industry chain and build a new model for green and low-carbon energy transformation and win-win cooperation. Deeply participate in international energy governance reform and promote the establishment of a fair, just, balanced, and inclusive global energy governance system.▄ Source of this article: CCTV News WeChat official account (IDcctvnewscenter)


29 Great American Communication Towers in China!

Thousands of towers,Resolute and cold, cold and cold are its attributes? NO!NO!NO! Maybe you haven't seen it yetRainbow TowersAn iron tower shuttling through the cloudsAn iron tower wearing an apron of the forestMorning, afternoon, sunset, the tower under the lightsAnd its graceful figureWine glass type, cat head type, dry type,Upper, T-shaped, V-shaped...... ◆  ◆  ◆  ◆  ◆  When industry meets natureThe skyline meets snowflakesWhen the tower meets the cloudsWhat is the aesthetic response to them?Come on!This National DayLet's go on an iQue journey togetherLook all over ChinaThese 29 Great American TowersTake in the real beauty of the Eiffel Tower......The first groupNine-story tower - Zheng Chuanjin - Quanzhou, Fujian


Major Benefits | “28 Measures ”to Promote the Development of the Private Economy Have Arrived!

In order to thoroughly implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on promoting the development and growth of the private economy, fully implement the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Promoting the Development and Growth of the Private Economy", promote the solution of outstanding problems faced in the development of the private economy, stimulate the vitality of the development of the private economy, and boost the confidence in the development of the private economy, the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments issued a notice on the implementation of several recent measures to promote the development of the private economy (hereinafter referred to as the notice).


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